Sunless Sea creative director guest writing for Stellaris

There are two ways to start a weekend: the regular way, and the one where you find out that one of the writers for one of gaming’s best collection of words, Sunless Sea, is writing for another game you very much enjoy: Stellaris [Review]. Alexis Kennedy is the creative director and co-founder of Failbetter games, a company best known for their browser-based game Fallen London and the exploration role-playing game Sunless Sea, and will be guest writing content for Paradox’s space 4x-turned-grand strategy game.

An issue often brought up by several players concerning Stellaris is that after an eventful early game, and before an end-game with crises to keep you busy, is a relatively slow-paced middle game. With the Clarke and Asimov (‘What they actually mean’, by reddit user AsaTJ, well worth checking out: for Clarke and for Asimov) content updates for Stellaris already mending some issues brought up by the userbase, I’m glad to see they’re now tackling what many dubbed a lack of mid-game content.

There will be no shortage of words either, with Sunless Sea surpassing the quarter million mark. There aren’t that many details as to what exactly he will be writing, as the announcement post on his website doesn’t go into details, so I’ll leave it to you lot to place wagers and make guesses.


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