Kickstart-it: Extreme Gravity Rage

Kickstart-it is a brand new weekly segment where I’ll talk about new, creative projects on Kickstarter, popular projects or anything in between.

F-Zero. A racing series where going under the speed of sound will net you the infamous title of “casul”. A series, which, even though beloved by many, hasn’t seen a proper new entry since the GameCube days. The good ol’ folks over at Next Generation Games might just do what Nintendon’t™ .

You heard that right! Six people from Berlin, Germany are promising that Extreme Gravity Rage will offer the same sense of cheek-slinging speed that the F-Zero series is known for. Inspired by F-Zero GX, and being made by a group of highly engaged and passionate developers, this game could be a worthy “unofficial successor” (as they call it), to a beloved and, sadly, dormant series.

Reach 1,236 km/h to activate the flux capacitor

What’s it offering?

Extreme Gravity Rage will have over 20 over-the-top race tracks where you can put more than 30 unique machines to the test. The vanilla tracks bore you, or you master ’em all? No worries, for the game will have a built-in track (and machine) editor.

What’s their funding goal?

They want to raise €135,000. At the time of this Kickstart-it article (8th of August, 2016), they have managed to raise €46.00, with 29 days to go.

A faint “Show me your moves!” can be heard in the distance

Any stretch goals?

They have some in mind, but at the moment they want to reach their funding goal before they reveal any further plans.

What’s it coming out on, and when?

The game is set to release sometime in May, 2017 on the PS4, Xbox One, PC, Wii U and possibly on Nintendo’s upcoming console, the NX (name might change on release).

I’ve always wanted to drive on those neon roads that were popular back in the ’80s

So if this game sounds interesting, you can support it here.

Any questions or want to stay up-to-date? You can follow the devs on Twitter here.


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