REIGNS, a strategy game about saying Yay or Nay

We all know that in statistics, regardless of the action taken and the outcome predicted, the odds are 50%: things will either go this way or that way. REIGNS is a card-based aventure game where you’re the monarch, constantly beseeched by advisers, peasants, your foes and your friends and, of course, the pope and the church, to not only solve their dilemmas but take their sides and increase their power over the crown. You’re also a man who only deals in extremes, and to every dilemma to you presented, you shall choose between two options.

The style will be familiar for those who have played the mobile series Dictator, which I won’t link because if you search ‘Dictator game’ on google you’ll get an entirely different, albeit interesting, game in experimental economics. There are four groups – I’m calling them the Church, the People, the Army and the Merchants – and each decision you make will alter their power balance, often taking power from one and giving it to the other. The goal is to keep things balanced and live as long as possible, as letting either group get too angry at you will lead to things like being turned into barbecue by the Pope’s command. For Jesus, of course.

Developed by Nerial, it’s being published by Devolver Digital on Google Play, the App Store and Steam on the 11th of August for the paltry sum of $2.99, or your regional equivalent. With each match lasting only a couple of minutes, and the interaction being entirely consistent of swiping cards to the left or right, I have a hunch this might be one of those cases where it’s better to get the mobile version of the game. Did I mention Disasterpeace (Fez, Hyper Light Drifter) is composing the soundtrack?


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