Fierce competition for viewership erupts between Rocket League weekend championship and the Olympic games

With no other major sporting event to entertain us for the next weeks, it’s a godsend that Pysonix, the developers of the ridiculously popular car-meets-football Rocket League, have teamed up with Twitch to offer a weekend of people playing Rocket League so well I’ll get depressed that I can barely land an aerial. The Rocket League Championship Series Season 1 International Finals start this Saturday, at 10 AM, and have a prize pool of $55,000.

Both Saturday and Sunday will have the broadcast starting at 10 AM PDT, at their Twitch channel, but the table for the matches played on both days has been disclosed. The team roster is composed of eight different groups, four from North America – Exodus, Genesis, iBuyPower Cosmic, and Kings of Urban – and four from Europe – Flipsid3 Tactics, The Flying Dutchmen, Mock-it eSports EU, and Northern Gaming – which will play according to the following schedule:

Saturday, August 6
10 am – Broadcast Begins
10:15 am – Northern Gaming vs Genesis
11 am – Exodus vs. Mock-it eSports EU
12 pm – Kings of Urban vs. The Flying Dutchmen
1 pm – Flipsid3 Tactics vs. iBuyPower Cosmic
2 pm – Resulting matches begin to play out
7 pm – Show closes

Sunday, August 7
10 am – Broadcast Begins
10:15 am – First Matches
12 pm – Rocket League special world premiere announcement
12:15 pm – Matches continue all day
4 pm – Grand Finals followed by trophy ceremony

Wait a second…

I’m wagering it’ll be a tough one: Americans may be terrible at football, but they do enjoy their cars. Alas, only time will tell.


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