Indie Spotlight: Replica

Indie Spotlight is a new, regularly posted segment written by me that will highlight some really good and often overlooked Indie games that are available on Steam. If you’re someone who enjoys the indie side of Steam, this may be the segment for you. 

Replica is an interactive novel game developed by Somi that manages to create a captivating experience that results in a moral dilemma over your actions. Do you keep intruding the privacy of an unkown stranger just so you follow the orders of a mystery man who ‘guides’ you through the game? Playing this game has been a joy from start to finish and by reading on, you can find out why…

I think I found a Blastoise down this alleyway.

The first thing you’ll notice about Replica is the distinct art style and menu. The entire game takes place inside a phone. You get to use the mouse cursor to click on different apps and messages to uncover new details. The settings for the game are actually included in the mobile settings, which is a nice touch. This fits perfectly into the game since the gameplay doesn’t involve much outside of snooping for details and in my opinion, the pixelated graphics add a bit of needed charm to the game.

The piano soundtrack is especially brilliant throughout the game. It adds a very somber tone and is never intrusive enough to become repetitive. Kudos to the developer for including such a good soundtrack to this game, which contributes to the game’s atmosphere without being intrusive.

Guardians of the Samsung Galaxy

The bread and butter of the game involves finding ‘pins’. You find these by picking up clues such as the birth date for the main character and various other personal details. You are given set ‘tasks’ to complete in a very simple to follow ‘to-do list’. These tasks are given to you by  a mysterious government agent who encourages you to continue your sleuthing and ‘uncover’ the terrorist plots that are suspected. You also receive text messages and calls from family members of the person that only fuels the sense of regret that builds up as you continue through the game. The game’s puzzles aren’t overly difficult as a whole, but some may require you to use the ol’ noodle. The game takes roughly an hour to finish, but it does contain multiple different endings that add some replayability.

Overall, for USD $2.99, this is a game I can highly recommend to everyone. Without spoiling too much of the game’s hour-long story, it does progress into a matter of ethical principles, primarily concerning itself with the ‘private’ nature of mobile phones. Would you really feel like a patriotic hero after snooping through someone’s phone? I guess that is something for you to decide. Somi has managed to create an enthralling indie game that truly highlights the potential of Steam greenlight and

Buy this if you like: Papers Please, Emily is Away.

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