Here there be end-game, ‘The Crucible’ DLC for Grim Dawn out today

When I first played Grim Dawn I very much enjoyed it for what it was – it never quite managed to steal Diablo 3’s ubiquitous replay value, but it did give me a more in-depth, story-guided experience, which eventually came to an end – an action-RPG built on the solid foundations of the Titan Quest series. Now that ‘The Crucible’ DLC is about to come out, I expect that the aforementioned end will be pushed back.

A short recap on what Grim Dawn is, for the unacquainted: this is an ARPG that I’d call the spiritual successor to both the Titan Quest series and Diablo 2 (it certainly has more of the second Diablo game than the latest iteration in the series); a game set in a dark, apocalyptic world with some particularities of its own to set it apart from other games in the genre, such as dual classing and a factions system.

The DLC is centered around an alternate game mode called The Crucible, accessible at any level, where you can battle across four different arenas for, you guessed it, experience, spoils and loot. It even seems to take a card from The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing’s tower defense, giving players the possibility of bolstering the arena’s defenses to help them face the waves. The arena will be available both for old-time characters and people who are beginning from level one, and if you were looking for a reason to re-visit your level 85 Sorcerer, this might just be it – at -40% for the week, it’s equally worth your attention if you don’t own the game and were thinking of picking it up.


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