Expand your reign in “Kingdom: New Lands”

The games’ industry has some interesting particularities. The hat-market in Team Fortress 2 – yes, virtual hats – moves millions of dollars a year. MMORPGs have increased revenue by tenfold since they found out they could sell mounts for the price of triple-A games. I imagine that it was with this in mind that the developers of Kingdom, the minimalist monarchy simulator (yes, that’s how I’m describing games now – something simulator), developed Kingdom: New Lands, a new game based on the original one that’s said to have a “deluge of new mounts“, among other, irrelevant things. It’s much easier to find on search engines, too.

If you missed the boat the first time around, Kingdom is a game about building a settlement – I guess if you’re a tribal chief from the year 400 you could call it a “Kingdom” – to defend against incoming hordes of evilthings. You build towers, recruit archers and knights, deploy catapults, set out on expeditions and pray to the gods themselves – all this with a single button. I was more amazed by the fact that it only used a single button and still managed to be fun. There’s a decent amount of strategy and forethought for a game where you only toss coins and go to either side on your trusty steed, and the new game promises all that and more, with vagrants, merchants, several mounts and an environment that can be just as deadly as the monsters, which there are more of, apparently – including a giant, ogre-like thing that spits out other, smaller evilthings.

The expansion will be free for those who already own Kingdom, so much so that it will replace Kingdom on the Steam store, and $14.99 / €14.99 / £11.99 otherwise. If you want to play Kingdom as it was, without the new content, you’ll be able to access its last version before the change through the New Lands game.

Horse, armored horse, unicorn, bear and elk, to answer the question you know you want to ask. There’s also a little dog that follows you around. The first game was an enjoyable experience, surprisingly calm considering it inevitably led to my monarch’s death by lynching, so I’m definitely glad to see a new version with more, specially the new NPCs and monsters.

Who am I kidding, I just want to ride a bear into battle.


6 thoughts on “Expand your reign in “Kingdom: New Lands”

  1. I still don’t understand what New Lands is. Is it a stand-alone expansion, a sequel, a spin-off? I’m wondering why they wouldn’t release it as a DLC.

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    1. I’m not sure why they didn’t release it as a DLC either. I don’t think there’s much to gain from arguing the semantics of what exactly it is – a remastered edition, a sequel, an expansion – but from what I gather it’s the same gameplay you had in Kingdom, but with more things (scenarios, monsters, NPCs, mounts, pretty sure I spotted some different shrines as well, etc.).

      I don’t know if they’ll offer any discount to owners of the base game, as they do seem to have used quite a lot from it in terms of engine and assets. I’ll update this as more information comes out.

      EDIT: here I am, arguing that it doesn’t matter what exactly it is and calling ‘Kingdom’ the base game and implying this is an expansion to it.

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    2. Just perused the press kit the developers sent me (right after I published this, too): the expansion is stand-alone, will cost $14.99 / €14.99 / £11.99 and is free to those who already own Kingdom. They’re also officially calling it an expansion, so there ya go, we have our answer.

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      1. I didn’t want to argue the semantics, I was just being curious. Those terms help me get the gist what it is exactly 😀 Anyway, a stand-alone expansion is a good choice, I guess. Thanks for the answer!


      2. Yeah, I understand – what I meant was that with the little amount of info they’d given at that point, there was no way to know for sure.

        I’d wager the reason for the update in the first place is the release on the Xbox One, though it’s nice of them to make the new version free for previous owners.


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