Our weekend in games

I think it’s safe to say that none of us will be doing anything as interesting as playing elephant polo, but it’s the trying that counts. Right? Right. Here’s what our dear contributors are playing this lovely weekend.

Nomnaut: Before No Man’s Sky is released (or delayed, again), I’ll be satiating my need for space exploration with EVERSPACE. A crowdfunded space rogue-like, I’d call it a first person, lone-wolf version of FTL: Faster Than Light. When I tire of EVERSPACE’s space flight, dog-fighting, rogue-like elements, I might burn a dollar and have a laugh with Montaro.

Now if only they’d get the controls right.

Arvind: Been playing a fair bit of CS:GO again these days. My teams are normally good but occasionally I’ll get the random Romanian with the 190 ping who can’t hit a barn door to save his life. Moreover, I have also been playing a fair bit of FIFA 2016 again as EA have decided to finally include a worthwhile tournament for FIFA UT.

We all know how this ended.

Francisco: Being at my in-laws’ means I won’t be playing all that much, certainly not as much as I’d like, but I’ll still squeeze in some Sunless Sea, where I’ve started a new playthrough with the Cutter, a lightweight ship with barely any cargo hold but that’s making my trips from my spy networks to Fallen London as fast as they could be, a huge departure from my last game as a merchant. I’ll also continue my Phantom Brave save – I’ve cleared four islands, so far – while trying to get a better grasp on its systems.

Sailing the Unterzee with this lightweight ship is practically a deathwish.

Mihai: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, which is the sequel to the ’11 prequel to a sequel of the original Stealth daddy of ’em all is releasing next month. What a good motive to play through them all one more time! Currently playing through the latest in the series – Human Revolution, which is even more Black and Yellow than Wiz Khalifa’s music video.

I’d take up this lifestyle if I were to live in Detroit as well.

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