Morning Men looks good, looks for your vote

In a year where casting your vote might often seem meaningless or pointless, where you either choose the lesser of two evils or concede to dramatic changes you personally didn’t side with, it’s good to find a place of solace: Steam Greenlight, where you can shape the future of mankind by arbitrating which games are sold and which are not. That’s some power. Morning Men is an adventure game meets RPG looking precisely at getting your vote.

With a JRPG-inspired turn-based combat system, party management and choices that can alter the fates of you and your mates, Morning Men is set in a colorful world of wastelands and advanced technology. From the Steam page:

“While the game uses familiar turn based JRPG combat, Morning Men really gets interesting while exploring complex branching narratives and character interactions. Your party is not just a collection of stats and pawns to be moved about in battle. Each character is unique and will react based on the choices you make. Your choice could help them, hurt their feelings or even ruin their life. Choices are never really black or white. Perhaps the only way to save them is to destroy everything they hold dear.”

There’s also a trailer you can check:



4 thoughts on “Morning Men looks good, looks for your vote

  1. This game looks interesting! Probably not going to buy it on day 1, but may check it out later in time. I think we need more RPG games now since Square is being Square and SMT games are not that frequent (nor should they be). Thank you for exposing me to this!


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