FORCED gets more SHOWDOWN in upcoming Drone Invasion DLC

FORCED SHOWDOWN is like the rebellious son who looks at his father, successful but not to his liking, and decides to be everything but him. I had to stifle a laugh whenever I saw someone hopeful that FORCED’s sequel (spiritual or direct, you call it) would be a similar, co-op puzzle game – instead, what did they get? An action-rpg that’s a MOBA with deckbuilding elements and hey, why not rogue too, with pets, of course. It also has DLC coming out on the 31st.

It features a new character, Settsu, several new cards and a shiny new environment to play in. Have a trailer:

If you want the full details, here’s what was listed on the press release:

  • Settsu is a former soldier joining the Showdown roster in a powerful mech suit. The suit is equipped with a Jetpack and a Pulse Rifle that uses a new ammo mechanic. 
  • 22 game-changing cards have been added, including ones with the new keyword Dismantle. 
  • Battle in the great unknown of outer space with a brand-new Drone environment.
  • The Mentor’s Maze Show is a brand new way to play Forced Showdown. 
  • R3-KT is a powerful new Boss in the Mentor’s Maze that will challenge even the most skilled contestants. 
  • 10 Drone enemies each with their own unique attacks and abilities. 
  • 10 Boss Cards added. The titans of the show have grown a little…weirder. 
  • 10 Modifiers will spice things up and give you new tricks and treats. 
  • 18 Quests to complete in the Mentor’s Maze.
  • …and more!

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