Satellite Reign can now be ruined by your friends

If playing heist games like Payday and Monaco in co-op has taught me anything is that chaos, mayhem and frustration are directly related to how many people you game with, likely related to the universal truth that the people you game with are generally dumber than you. It certainly gave me a new appreciation for Danny Ocean and his crew. Satellite Reign, the Syndicate-inspired cyberpunk strategy game, now features full, 4-player co-op.

Despite having fallen short of the stretch goal to actually have the co-op mode, the developers decided to implement it nonetheless, and after a short period in beta testing it is now out in full.

I’ve yet to actually test the mode, but I had good fun in its single-player mode, though I personally preferred being a stealthy cyber-criminal instead of going plasma guns’-a-blazin’ – probably why I can imagine myself grunting in discontent as any potential co-op mates figure mowing everything that moves down is the best solution.

Multiplayer is supported between Linux, PC and Mac, and if you haven’t taken a look at the neon-lit streets of the dystopian world Satellite Reign is set in, at -50% off until the 28th this might be the time to do so.



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