GLITCHED is here to get money and break the 4th wall

Described as a story driven RPG where decisions shape the world, GLITCHED [Kickstarter Page] is looking for funds to help tear asunder that quaint fourth wall. Do you like RPGs? Do you like Undertale? Do you like that there’s a spider-starfish-thing called Dennis? Take a gander.

Gus, the titular hero, has an Elon Musk-inspired epiphany: he becomes aware of you, or me, the player, and of the fact that he’s in a video game. Damn, that’d be an easy way to remove a lot of weight from anyone’s shoulders. It’s not just your standard fare, though, and GLITCHED does seem to have some interesting aspects:

“In GLITCHED, the ESSENCE SYSTEM will track a player’s choices and shape their personality and morality. This system will give each player a unique experience. 

By exploring the world in your own way, you’ll generate points towards six different ESSENCEalignments. 

These alignments serve as personality types which will impact characters, story, and the world around you. Your interaction with NPCs, how you explore the environment, combat, and even your conversations with GUS will determine your ESSENCE.

All combat is story based and players will be making choices that may or may not lead to a brawl.

Deciding to kill, spare, or find another way to stop a fight will all lead to different story outcomes.”

There’s a demo and a trailer, so don’t go just by my word.


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