Freeware Archive: Tower of Heaven

Tower of Heaven [Flash] is one of those games I can wholeheartedly recommend, safe in the knowledge that anyone who thinks it’s bad is a fool. It’s a platformer with a twist, as hard as it is short.

In the game you control Eid, the silent protagonist who faces the daunting task of climbing the Tower of Heaven, though it’s not just pitfalls and spikes that await him. A deity, that like any deity good at its job does not want to see a mortal challenging his domain, will craft arbitrary rules as you progress further up – disobey them, and he shall smite you with divine fury.

No, please – I’m pretty sure I’m just another average Joe.

What may seem like a simple gimmick at first, with the deity inscribing into your Book of Laws something as whimsical as “Thou shalt not touch the side of a block”, things can get a bit more on the annoying side when you have to obey not only that but not being allowed to go to the left, all the while avoiding rotating saws and burning blocks.

Accompanying the 3-bit platformer, reminiscent of ye olde Gameboy games, is an appropriately chippy soundtrack, a speedrun mode and an unlockable level editor – which retroactively ripped off Super Mario Maker’s idea of only allowing you to share the level if you beat it. Neat.

For those who want to enjoy the story only, you can easily complete the game in less than an hour.


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