Are you ready to give The Reaper’s Due in Crusader Kings’ new expansion?

With the great plague as one of the driving reasons why we even have a game called Crusader Kings and another one called Europa Universalis, it’s hard not to see its importance for the middle ages. How will your kingdom fare against one of the driving factors behind the crisis of the Late Middle Ages?

I’m also in the crowd that just wants to watch the circus burn, so if the new expansion is anything like my dear Conclave, adding a new layer of internal realm management and strife, I more than welcome the sickness that killed off a third of Europe.

There isn’t a set release date as of yet, but the main features have been numbered in the announcement trailer and on the Paradox website:

– Epidemics: Diseases may spread from province to province along trade and sea lanes, lowering your income and available soldiers
– Prosperity and Royal Focus: Well managed provinces in peaceful kingdoms will pay huge dividends in gold and manpower
– Hospitals and Royal Physicians: Prevent the outbreak of disease in your kingdom, and make sure your courtiers have access to the latest in Dark Ages Medical Science
– Royal Seclusion: Shield yourself from the diseases tearing your kingdom apart, even if it means ignoring the plight of your people
– New Event Chains: Is the new epidemic the End of Days? Is there someone else to blame for these horrors? Are there supernatural origins or solutions to the world’s problems?

You can also take a look at the release trailer below:

What with all the coughing and heaving it was hard to distinguish between the trailer’s track and my house, in these chilly, wintry days.


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