Freeware Archive: VoYD

The Freeware Archive is a new, regularly-posted segment that’ll showcase the best of both indie and free – not free-to-play – games. If you made a Venn diagram with the groups freeindie, and good, that middle spot where they intersect is what these posts would be all about.

And the first of the games I’ve gently curated for you lot is VoYD, by NatPash. A minimalist, hack-and-slash game where you cut through other swordsmen that have the same skillset as you do, all to gentle tunes that look like they were taken from a Philip Glass track.

While VoYD was released before it, the first game that came to mind was Hyper Light Drifter [Review] – mute, cloaked samurai that move fluidly and swiftly attack other equally cryptic enemies.

The music, artstyle and gameplay of VoYD makes it play out like a ballet, albeit a fatal one.

The simple moveset is what allows the game to be as fluid as it is punishing: your character walks toward your cursor, and you can dash, press the right mouse button for a light attack and the middle button for a strong one – your enemies do the same as you do. You have a certain amount of hits you can take before expiring, and a stamina bar that drains when you dash or attack.

From the limited set of colors to the basic moveset, VoYD is as minimalist as it is elegant. Simple, quick to understand but challenging nonetheless, increasing in difficulty as you go through its levels, the only goal is to survive for as long as you can and rack the highest score possible.

Perfect for anyone wanting to grab a few minutes of good-looking arcade entertainment.


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