The Curious Expedition soon out of early access, massive update and celebratory video included

It’s been a long trek for The Curious Expedition – the roguelike survival game where you get to play Tesla – dozens of updates, over a year in early access and a couple of free-to-play weekends, their journey is now coming to an end – or, at the very least, the early access leg of that journey.

It’s hard not to empathize and even root for the German developers, with their frequent interactions with the community, updates and humorous videos. I’ve played it a decent bit since release and recently, and have sussed up an opinion for your perusal, dear readers – out in a review, soon™.

You can have a gander at the full changelist here, and for the lazy I’ve cherry-picked the features I thought most relevant and/or game-changing:

When hitting zero sanity there is a random amount of days that the player can still move before being interrupted by a catastropic event. That delay was in the range of 5-10 days. It has been reduced to 0-5 days. Events after the first catastropic will still trigger 5-10 days later.

It is now possible to pack up a camp again, which will remove the camp from the map and add the item back into your inventory.

You will now be able to trade certain items at the mysterious altars.

Hard mode: Added a sanity boost when reaching the pyramid.

Though really, if you play the game you should have a look at the list yourself. I’m always glad to see a successful early access story, one where the developers churn out constant updates, don’t ignore their players and are overall attentive to the community, so I’d say congratulations are in order for the developers. You can expect our review of the game to be out once the game releases.


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