Our weekend in games

So many games, so little time – here’s what the staff are playing.

Arvind: I have been finishing up with a beautiful little gem of a game called Blade of the Righteous. Aside from this, a bit of Tabletop Simulator and CSGO have also been keeping me busy recently.

Look out for our review of this very soon.

Clay: Honestly, I have no idea.  I have nothing lined up to review, and the Beastmen DLC for Total War Warhammer doesn’t come out till 7/28/16.  And yes, I already pre-ordered it. Don’t judge me.  I might just sit down, choose a few games, and record my own reviews / discussions on them for my Youtube channel.  It’s all up in the air for me, honestly.  I am open to suggestions in fact. Please,  give me some ideas haha.

maxresdefault (7)
Nothing says “I’m gonna f–k you up” as much as huge, bipedal goatmen.

Francisco: I’m visiting my parents this weekend, so god knows how much proper time I’ll have to play. If I do manage to sneak in a few hours they’ll likely be with Tabletop Simulator (a game which I’ve just recently discovered my love for), Necropolis [Review], that with all its flaws still is quite entertaining, and perhaps La-Mulana.

Hotseat works surpisingly well for Tabletop Simulator, though if there are items that only you should see – like in card games – it’s a little lacking. Above, the Carcassonne workshop mod.

Nomnaut: After spending a week hunting the streets of New York for Pokemon courtesy of Niantic’s Pokemon Go (Niantic previously of Ingress fame) , I expect to be doing the same in Chicago.  For those moments my phone battery fails me (along with my two backup batteries), I’ll be catching up with Axiom Verge [Review], the instant Tom Happ classic. Also, Supergiant Games has an incredible sale going on and my Steam account is in dire need of a copy of Bastion.

That’s one serious case of butt-chin.

What about you, reader? Any plans for the weekend?


5 thoughts on “Our weekend in games

    1. You just managed to cite three games I’ve never heard of, congratulations! I’ll have to take a look at them. Might also play some more of The Curious Expedition, which I didn’t mention, since it’s coming out of early access soon.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Zero escape is a mix of visual novel and puzzle game. It’s the third part of a trilogy that started on the DS with Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors.
        Teeny Titans is pretty much Pokemon with DC superheroes – available to buy on mobile devices.
        Gal Gun – House of the Dead if you replace zombies with cute anime girls.


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