Death in doubles comes to Nuclear Throne with online co-op mod

Have you ever played Nuclear Throne? If you haven’t, you should: it is easily one of my favorite games this year (and of the past, still in early access), a fast-paced, quick-to-play roguelike that never lets the action drop. It used to have local co-op, though I never played it due to my mouse and keyboard habits with Nuclear Throne, but now a modder has brought said co-op feature online.

Nuclear Throne Together, created by prolific Vadim aka. YellowAfterLife, is just one more mod in a long series of modifications to games done with the intent of adding online play: from fixes to Nidhogg to actual online co-op for games such as Nuclear Throne’s spiritual prequel, Wasteland Kings, and Spelunky Classic.

Now with 100% more “We lost because of you!”

This isn’t a basic, clunky addition either: YellowAfterLife has gone the extra mile, integrating the multiplayer into Steam – allowing you to invite other players and create public game lists -, replays and the ability to try again from any point in a replay, along with multiple bugfixes addressing previous issues in co-op, which the mod author argues that were never found out because the use of local multiplayer was scarce.

If you’re interested in how things went down, YellowAfterLife actually recounts the history that led him to create the mod in detail on the blog post linked above, from how he did a similar thing for Wasteland Kings, talked to Rami Ismail about adding it to Nuclear Throne, and ended up adding it himself once. In any case, everything seems to have been done in extremely courteous manner, with frequent email exchanges between the two to verify the legality of said mod, and just goes to show how not every developer needs to be like EA or Konami.

You’ll also be safe from getting smacked by your friend when you pick up a health box when he’s on lower health than you are.

While this for the most part leaves me content, my greedy side has me thinking on what other games that don’t have online multiplayer yet could have the grace of receiving such a mod, with Enter the Gungeon [Review] and TowerFall Ascension [Review]. One can only hope, but in the meantime I’ll have Nuclear Throne to ruin some of my friendships.


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