Our weekend in games

With the Steam Summer Sale having run a week of its ten-day course, it’s safe to say most of us gamers have already picked up one or twelve games, bleeding our wallets dry without having to wait ’til the very last moment to make sure a surprise flash sale won’t make you mumble your disgraces for preemptively buying a now cheaper game. Here’s what we’re playing this weekend!

Francisco: I bought myself the Momodora games, Momodora III (-50%; USD 0.99) and Momodora: Reverie Under the Moonlight (-20%; USD 7.99), a couple of short-but-sweet MetroidVania games, along with The Cossacks, for EU4 (-66%; USD 6.79) and Environmental Stage Alpha (-40%; USD 4.79). With the consecutive releases of Stellaris and Hearts of Iron IV, and a decent bit of time during the week with my new EU4 DLC, this weekend I plan on staying away from strategy games and instead playing my other purchases and trying my luck with some runs of Enter the Gungeon [Review].


Arvind: Ended up diving back into the cutthroat world of Telltale Games’ Game of Thrones (-75%; USD 7.49). Picked this game up a while ago but haven’t had the time to really delve into it. Aside from that, I will still be playing Overwatch, which has had a feverish grip on me since it released. The competitive mode has just released for that game, and even though it is slightly bugged (King of the Hill maps aren’t giving proper MMR ratings), the game is real blast to play through.

(Game of Thrones spoilers below)


Clay: Honestly I haven’t had much time to play games, as I work full time and have been spending some of my free time learning how to make them in Unity 3D.  I did pick up Kingdoms of Amalur (-75%; USD 4.99), the Blood for the Blood God DLC (USD 2.99) for Total War: Warhammer [Review] (USD 59.99), Thea: The Awakening [Review] (-40%; USD 11.99), Barony (-66%; USD 3.39), and the Bioshock Infinite Season Pass (-50%; USD 9.99) during the sale however.  Mostly I have been playing Thea as it has me in its dirty clutches, but I am thinking this weekend is going to be a Bioshock and Kingdoms of Amalur weekend.  I tried Barony and got creamed very, very quickly.

Nomnaut: Thanks to the Steam Summer Sale and some good friends, I was gifted a whole slew of games. First, I dove right into Punch Club (-75%; USD 2.49) and finished it in a night. Great game for movie, rpg and boxing fans alike (weird combination, I know). Next, I had the pleasure of finally catching up with Tom Happ’s single-handed metroid masterpiece, Axiom Verge (-40%; USD 11.99). Of course, I’m also in the middle of reviewing Brigador (USD 19.99) which had blown me away with it’s depth. Lastly, I revisited Marvel Heroes 2016 (Civil War Starter Pack, -90%; USD 2.49) and after three years of ongoing development and changes, it has become one incredible ARPG. This is the little game that could, because despite Gazillion layoffs has gotten really, really good. And by good, I mean fun. Think about giving it a try while the Anniversary Event is still going (ends July 4th).

What about you, what did you get on the sale and what are you playing this weekend?


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