20 Games for you to bite into for The Sale

So the Steam Summer Sale is finally upon us. The illustrious moment every year where my wallet gets drained by Gaben and the crew at Valve. Whilst this year’s Summer Sale might not have the glitzy flash sales or the ingenious game, there are quite a few deals that are worth picking up. We at Vox Ludicus have compiled a list of 20 games for you to bite into during this ‘Picnic’ Sale.

Nomnaut’s Picks. 

  1. Knightmare Tower – Save 66% on this fun endless runner game. Only $1.35 USD, this game is sure to entertain you for hours on end.
  2. Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition – A fantastic and breathtaking rpg with gorgeous visuals and thoughtful combat. Definitely pick this up with its current discount of 50%. Make sure to grab a friend though, because for $20 USD, its on hell of a ride! (this was also Harlequin’s pick, but for the sake of variety he changed to another RPG he also enjoyed greatly)
  3. Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition – Although this game isn’t currently on sale, the pricetag of $20 USD is definitely worth it to experience a truly stunning action-platformer.
  4. Torchlight II – I don’t need to talk too much about this game. If you don’t already own it, now is a great time to buy the game. For the price of $4 you are getting one of the best arpgs around. Hack ‘n’ slash your way through a bloodthirsty world filled with monsters and loot.
  5. Stardew Valley – I was in half a mind not to include this game, simply because it will ruin your life with its addicting nature and charming visuals. A definite recommendation at $12 USD.
The game is so good that people bought it twice.

CBSA’s Picks

  1. Thea: The Awakening -From our review back in November, this is a
    strategy roguelike which values forethought and rewards caution, with plenty of progression systems to incentive your return to it.” For a price of $12 USD, it’s a no-brainer. Get it
  2. Fallout 4 – Whilst the quintessential fallout experience can be had with 3 or New Vegas, Fallout 4 is still an impressive game on its own, and with a hefty discount of 50% bringing the price down to $30 USD, it’s a great AAA game to invest some time into.
  3. Dex – This is a fun little 2d open-world cyberpunk RPG that is definitely worth a look. Sure it may be a little short but for $5 USD, it is well worth your time.
  4. Faeria – A strategy card game that has one ace up its sleeve, it has a living board. Definitely worth your time and attention at $6.30 USD
  5. Guild of Dungeoneering – An awesome dungeon crawler where you build the dungeon around your hero. An interesting concept and one that is worth your attention at $7.50 USD
maxresdefault (1)
What doesn’t kill you may kill your follower.

Harlequin’s Picks

  1. Europa Universalis IV – One of the best grand strategy games on the market. At $10 USD, definitely worth it to ruin your life. I’d also recommend picking some of the DLC up, specially Art of War, Common Sense and The Cossacks.
  2. Serpent in the Staglands – From our review of the game in July 2015, “A difficult game that requires the player to learn and observe his surroundings in order to play it properly, Serpent in the Staglands isn’t afraid of making you feel not only free, but often lost.” Well worth its $12 USD asking price.
  3. Axiom Verge – From our review back in May, “Axiom Verge isn’t just a Metroid game, it’s the best Metroid game I’ve played since Metroid Prime – something I don’t say lightly, considering the first Prime game is one of my favorite games in general.“Definitely pick this up at its discounted price of $12 USD or as part of the Summer Sale Metroidvania bundle.
  4. The Talos Principle – This game is simply a masterpiece. A first person puzzle game that will hook you in from start to finish. Definitely pick this game up at $10 USD
  5. Sunless Sea – A compelling lovecraftian game that has gorgeous visuals and interactive storytelling. For USD $9.50, you too can enjoy the ghastly high seas of Fallen London.
maxresdefault (2).jpg
Never before has being shanked by goblins been so fun.

Rogue Assassin’s Picks

  1. Renowned Explorers: International Society – From our review of the game back in September 2015, “Renowned Explorers: International Society is an outrageous little gem of a game. The colorful setting, large roster of unique characters and several branching interactions within each scenario and event chain means there’s plenty to try and see in the golden-age of temple-crawling exploration.” For $10 USD you too can enjoy this gem.
  2. Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen – The fantasy rpg that captured the hearts of gamers on the ps3 and xbox 360 back in 2012 had finally made its way onto PC a few months ago and it manages to make itself truly feel at home on the pc. A very well done port of a fantastic game that definitely warrants its asking price of $20 USD.
  3. Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Ever wondered how fun it could be to drive through Budapest whilst listening to George Ezra’s Budapest ? Well wonder no further, this truly awesome simulation allows you to live your dream of being a truck driver for the admission of $6.90
  4. Helldivers – Ah Helldivers, where half the fun comes from accidentally killing your teammates by dropping a supply drop on them. Still not convinced? Read this excerpt from our review of the game back in January, “Helldivers is a simple game, but what it does it does well. With little down-time within and between missions you’ll constantly be in the thick of combat, praying that neither foe nor friend kill you, laying down democracy at whatever rate of fire your weapon has.” Great co-op fun for $12 USD.
  5. The Long Dark – Never has an exploration-survival game been so brutal. Fight against the elements and bears as you struggle to survive. An Early Access game that can be purchased for $6.80 USD and one that I recommend you do so.
This is what you get for voting to leave the EU.

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