Wars have children – The Little Ones DLC for This War of Mine now out

If when you first played depression simulator your stone-cold heart was not touched by the tales of despair strewn across a besieged city, The Little Ones [Official Site] might help you out. There’s no question that people in general have an easier time showing empathy toward those we perceive as innocent, guiltless, and what better portrait of such a thing than children?

Children will now come either as your own, which you start with, or that you rescue as you scavenge the city. I imagine dilemmas such as whether you send someone’s parent to scavenge, risking their becoming an orphan, or whether you should still steal from an occupied house when you know that the food you’re taking for your child might make another one starve will now crop up, only adding to the game’s moral quandaries.

Much like in real life, it would seem children are a burden that offer you little benefit in return; much like in real life, you’ll still likely perceive them as the most important part of your group’s survival and place them front and center in your priority list. I will, anyway.


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