Fable Fortune, a CCG with co-op and set in Albion

I’ve always wondered why there aren’t any games about collecting cards, building decks with these cards and then fighting your friends over the internet with them – truly a genre that has nary been explored. Fortunately, Fable Fortune [Kickstarter Page] is here to mend that flaw and cross that bridge, so to speak. Up on kickstarter for the next month and being developed by developers of the now-shutdown Lionhead Studios, this new Fable seeks a small fortune (hah) in order to continue a project that had been started while Lionhead Studios was still a thing.

The Fable version of a CCG won’t aim to just butt heads with Blizzard’s giant, Hearthstone, instead adding a bit of variety to the genre with co-op and questing. Claiming to be “close to the finish line”, the developers now seek to garner the remaining funds – £250k minimum, with stretch goals going as far as £700k – to finish developing the game without the shackles of traditional publishing.

Events will aim to break the player away from familiar decks and strategies, with leagues and challenges regularly changed.

For those acquainted with the Fable universe and Albion, the setting’s whimsical and comedic nature are well known, something the developers wish to reflect in their CCG, visiting known locations from the series such as Fairfax Castle and Lychfield Cemetery. A core mechanic of all Fable games was the black & white morality system, and Fable Fortune won’t be the first to miss out on it: the Kickstarter page claims that “Over the course of each battle, the player’s hero will morph to reflect their alignment, changing the effects of their special abilities and also morphing many cards in their deck into more powerful variants.”.

I’m not entirely sure how I feel about another CCG in an otherwise saturated market, but I do know that if there’s a setting I enjoyed for its lightheartedness and humor, even if at times the games that bore the setting had mediocre stories, it’s Fable and Albion. Besides, I’m not the one you’ll hear complaining about people going against what’s effectively a monopoly.


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