Add your Steam games to your GOG library

Ever gone through the following thought process: “I want to like GOG and I’d much prefer its DRM-free policy, but I already have so many games on Steam…”? Worry not! GoG’s new initiative, GOG CONNECT, will now allow you to bring certain games – pending dev/publisher approval – to CD Projekt Red’s platform. Some of these games are also time-limited offers, so you’d best check soon! I, for one, welcome our DRM-free overlords.

Doing so is a one-time process and you can only link one Steam account to your GoG account, so choose wisely if you have more than one. You’ll get to keep your save files, though obviously not use the Steam cloud function, and you can take a better look at all the implications of said process here.

There are currently twenty-one available titles for said connection, and they’re timed offers so if you plan on doing this don’t dick around until the last minute. If the time restriction sounds a tad annoying, rest assured that at the very least once you do the import the game is permanently added to your library, with no risk of losing it – and no, any games you do import into the GoG library won’t be removed from your Steam Library, you’ll keep both.




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