Fabular, a game about many things

Few games have a one-line summary that describes them as ‘a medieval space folktale with action-RPG and roguelike influences’, and Fabular [Kickstarter Page][Official Site] is one of them. I don’t know what’s up with the whole trend of taking a bunch of genres and smashing them together, but this time around we have a game that also coalesces different settings into a single entity. While only time will tell if this works, there’s one thing that Fabular clearly has going for it already: the artstyle.

With fifteen days to go and just shy of half of its £25k goal, Fabular is a game where knights joust in spaceships and space battles have in swords and axes what they lack in laser beams and missiles – one of the stretch goals is a ship called ‘The Zweihander’ (gee, I wonder what that will be). There seems to be a whole lot to do in terms of upgrading and customizing your ship, as well as navigating the universe through a starmap that looks like it came out from an astrology book.

We all know the only option is option number four. You’re looking for a m-f’in sun, if that ain’t better than seeking the sangrail I don’t know what is.

Claiming to have drawn the exploration and adventure part of the game from gems like FTL and Hand of Fate, and with combat gameplay based on top-down, physics-based ship jousting – there’s a gif on the kickstarter page of a ship hacking at another ship with a pair of axes – the game will boast unlockable ships and randomly generated text-based events to give the player reason to play it more than once. It had me sold on the space-frog-king with a floating crown, and if fables, space and the middle ages tickle your fancy, you might want to check it out.


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