More To Explore, the first DLC for Renowned Explorers

There’s some merit in being literal – you can understand the content of something immediately, for instance. For a lot of games naming their DLCs literally would turn into something like Cash Grab #5 or Things that should have been in the base game, but in Renowned Explorer’s [Official Site] case we’re getting… More to Explore.

The unique roguelite, exploration game came out less than a year ago and has had multiple free updates and content patches since, with the upcoming DLC being its first paid expansion. You can expect a couple of new adventures from it – a three-star, The Andean Expedition and an end-game one called The Lost Island – and a couple of new mechanics as the main features.

If you missed it when it first came out, Renowned Explorers is a strategy game where your goal is to gather as much renown and treasure as possible in order to climb the prestigious International Society’s ladder of fame. You do this by setting out on expeditions where you’ll encounter werewolves and nuns, who you can proceed to sweet-talk or bludgeon into helping you. When I played I actually trash-talked the Werewolf into fleeing and beat up the nun until she gave me the artifact I was after, but I’ve never been much fond of Catholics, whereas werewolves have never done me any wrong.

Now with a trading-card game, something we’ve never seen before.

I couldn’t help but remember Darkest Dungeon when I saw that it’d now have a campfire mechanic, though hopefully it’ll be less grim and more cartoon-y, where you’ll learn more of your party members’ backstories and relationships, which in turn will influence your strategies by giving you upgrades. Treasures will also be upgraded, giving you “semi-random powerful bonuses”. When I first played Renowned Explorers I noticed that it was a game that would greatly benefit from modular content – just adding more expeditions could greatly increase its replay-value – so I’m glad to see that’s exactly what they’re doing.


One thought on “More To Explore, the first DLC for Renowned Explorers

  1. This actually excites me. I really enjoyed this game but it got repetitive quickly. This sounds like it might add some more fun stuff.


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