Cyberpunk cRPG Copper Dreams up on Kickstarter

The developers of cRPG Serpent in the Staglands [Official Site] are back to the genre – this time in a cyberpunk setting – with their upcoming game, Copper Dreams. Referred to as an isometric Deus Ex by the developers, Whalenought Studios, it’s up on kickstarter and looking to gather at least USD 40.000. With its promising list of features, and a lack of cyberpunk RPGs that emphasize gameplay (looking at you, Shadowrun), I’ll be honest in saying I’d be glad if it did.

Featuring an emphasis on stealth mechanics and mobility, in Copper Dreams the player will be able to use the game’s dynamic lighting in his favor and traverse the game-world in more than a single plane, using grappling hooks to ascend or vaulting windows to the ground below. Like Serpent in the Staglands, your quests and jobs won’t have markers guiding you: it’s up to the player to recall conversations and make notations in order to advance the story.

Does that say harpoon arm? It says harpoon arm.

Like any cyberpunk game worth its salt, body modifications will abound and be one of the ways to increase your skills and combat ability. Multiplicity seems to be an emphasis, regarding combat: there are several different interactions, such as waiting, cooking grenades, using suppressing fire, and if things go south (or you don’t want to murder everyone with your chainsaw arm, though I doubt that’ll ever happen), sneaking away is also an option.

The setting is briefly described on the kickstarter page, and it’s nothing but what you’d expect from cyberpunk:

Copper Dreams is set on an off-world island colony called Calitana. Owned by the US government, Calitana is one of many interstellar bases, although it is notoriously the least enjoyable to live in.

At the start of our story, the US government has been forcibly sending its citizens to these off-world colonies to free up overcrowding in cities. You play as one of these unlucky draftees, starting your adventure as your pod crashes into the shores of your new home.

Calitana lives up to its reputation, seeing little in supplies or surveillance from the US over the past few decades, giving free rein to the corporations and syndicates that amassed power in the absence of any official rule.

It will also tout a world that doesn’t stop regardless of what your character is doing: quests progress while you rest, and you might find yourself having to choose between completing a job or removing that bullet lodged next to your eye. You can take a better look at the features on the kickstarter page, which is up for twenty three more days and seeking up to USD 60.000 in funds for additional goals (at the 50k tier a longer soundtrack, and at 60k voice acting for the PC, certain companions and other NPCs).


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