Review: A Blind Legend

This game reminds me of Daredevil, the tv series, not that horrible film with Ben Affleck. Developed by Dowino, A Blind Legend is an action-adventure game in which you have to rely on your ears to defeat enemies. As a result, a good pair of headphones will be necessary. If you do have a good pair of headphones, then you’re in luck, as you will be able to take part in this sensory experience.

Immediately upon booting up the game for the first time, you realise that there is no menu, and you must rely on your hearing to even start up the game. In fact, there are no screens anywhere in the game, the entire screen is always filled with a thick fog. This doesn’t break from the immersion of the game, but instead you’re left to wonder why the developers decided to include the annoying robotic voice that guides you through the tutorial and menu. Not only does this break the immersion a lot, but it also leaves you with a desire to start your own quest for vengeance to hunt down this robot voice and put it out of its misery. Annoying immersion breaking robot voice aside, the tutorial is relatively short and the controls are quite easy to learn.

Did I mention that this is an audio game?

The story follows the tale of Edward Black, a famous blind knight, guided by his daughter. The plot is fairly clichéd, as it is a rather tried and tested story about saving your wife from the evil king. The entire story lasts around 2 hours and there is little motivation to revisit the story.Whilst, the plot is rather clichéd, it must also be said that it works well here. The plot flows quite effortlessly and some good voice acting means it doesn’t get annoying when you hear your daughter yell “over here” for the 12th time. The sound design in general is great in this game, as it should be. The ambient noises are clear and distinct, making the game quite relaxing at times, almost like an interactive audiobook.

Moreover, the combat in this game is fairly mundane at the beginning of the game, as its rather easy to block the enemy hits and kill them. The controls really shine here, as all you have to do is listen carefully for the sounds your enemies make and attack the corresponding direction. The enemies sure grunt like tennis players, making it feel rather easy early on to guess where they are and quickly dispatch them with coldblooded efficiency. The combat does get slightly challenging in the latter stages of the games, as you start getting surrounded and poked around from all sides, making you feel like a piñata at a kid’s birthday party. Keep in mind that this isn’t Dark Souls for the blind, so it never gets too challenging. The moderate curve actually keeps the game quite accessible to the more casual players.

Not enough water – 7.8/10

Overall, an innovative idea from the developers and one that many people can enjoy if they are able to look past the horrible robot voice and the rather short story. This game might not appeal to you if you want a fast-paced shooter or a quick fix, but it will appeal to you if you want to try something innovative. The accessible nature of the game is definitely one of the game’s strongest points coupled with the $8 price of the game and the stellar sound design means that the game is worth your attention if you want to try something different for a change.

Hours played: 2 hours 

Key provided by the developer




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