Winter Is Comi-Improving with new Endless Legend DLC, out next week

And with the improved winter, a new faction. Endless Legend [Official Site] is increasing its DLC roster with an expansion pack that promises to focus on one of the game’s central mechanics – winter – by adding both new features to it and a new faction, called the Allayi, which has specific interactions with the seasons as well.

Set to release on the 7th of April, after a short period of Beta testing by the community – a habit of Amplitude Studios, which often interacts with their players to both improve and generate content for their games – the expansion now has a trailer for the new major faction:

Their announcement page states that the new faction will have specific interactions with the new, winter-exclusive resource called Pearls of Auriga, which can be expended by players to hinder their enemies and gain advantages, blessing your Empire by spending them on the new building Altar of Auriga, and that their attributes change according to the seasons – hence the expansion’s name. With the added possibility of seas and lakes freezing over, maps with separate continents or islands might not provide the safety to isolated players as much as they used to.

Oh, they also made the joke I thought I was being so clever about.

With Endless Legend being one of the most asymmetric 4X’s I’ve played – factions play out entirely different from one another, going from nomadic tradesmen to single-city empires that can’t expand beyond their initial region – I’m both eager to see how the Allayi’s seasonal changes will affect their gameplay and content in knowing that if there’s anyone who’ll make things balanced, it’s Amplitude.


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