Don’t Starve’s expansion Shipwrecked sails out of Early Access

And the above image roughly translates my relationship with the game: a permanent, subdued sense of despair at imminent death and starvation, never quite giving up (notice how he faux-calmly grasps the ship’s mast, as if that were going to help him) but never fooling myself about extended survival. I may have had a pirate hat and a ship of my own, but Starvation was my true captain.

Developed alongside Super Time Force Ultra creators Capybara Games, Shipwrecked is the second major expansion to Klei Entertainment’s 2013 survival-meets-Tim-Burton game, Don’t Starve, and after a short period in early access is now out. With entirely new biomes, seasons, creatures and craftables – including the ability to sail the seas on surfboards, rafts and ships – don’t let the tropical scenario make you think things are easier: surviving still is the very same hell on earth we saw in the base game and Reign of Giants, with the added difficulty of needing to be more mobile than in the previous modes.

Fundamentally similar to the base game, Shipwrecked will have you aiming for the same goals – a full (or not empty) belly, sated thirst and at least partially sane mind – but with entirely new methods to do so. Mobility is encouraged (and required), as you quickly deplete each island’s resources (or they get wrecked by the new, brutal seasons), and there are plenty of tropical-appropriate new recipes, items and methods of survival, as well as giants and hazards, to make Shipwrecked more of the same, but different.


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