XCOM 2 patch live, optimization and performance changes

While highly praised by both critics and players alike, there’s no question that XCOM 2 had a bit of a rough launch performance-wise: top-spec systems were chugging along during certain sequences, especially inside The Avenger. As a turn-based game, the issues were less of a hindrance than they would’ve been otherwise, but complaints were across the board regardless and Firaxis was quick to promise to look into the issues. A major patch aiming to address these issues has just arrived.

Along with the several bugfixes and optimizations they had promise comes a new mode, entitled ‘Zip Mode’:

Players can also opt into the new “Zip Mode” option by pausing the game at any time and activating it under gameplay options. Zip Mode will create a faster paced experience that speeds up animations and some delays in gameplay.

You can take a look at the entire patch notes here, which range from support for SLI/Crossfire setups to various bugfixes and specific optimizations regarding The Avenger.


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