Free expansion for ‘Serpent in the Staglands’ brings new engine and ruleset

Entitled ‘A Fool’s Banquet’, the kickstarter stretch-goal expansion pack for Serpent in the Staglands has just received an update on Whalenought Studios’ game’s kickstarter page, and features, among other things, a new engine and a different ruleset to better represent what they’d envisioned for their expansion.

Released nearly a year ago, I hold fond memories of Serpent in the Staglands’ hardcore gameplay and lack of hand-holding, even if it at moments the game lacked polish and presented some design decisions I didn’t entirely agree with. Promising features such as volumetric line of sight, global clock and a transition to three dimensions, and a story that is set after the game’s conclusion and follows on with Necholai (or rather, his avatar), ‘A Fool’s Banquet’ seems to be on the meatier side of expansions, and despite having been just recently announced there already seems to be significant improvements and changes from the engine switch alone.

The new rule-system, ‘The Burning Candle’, will be used both in Whalenought’s upcoming ‘Copper Dreams‘ cyberpunk RPG and the ‘A Fool’s Banquet’ expansion.

While I’m eager to know what the story of the expansions holds for us, what’s garnered my attention so far is said list of changes:

  • A volumetric line of sight
  • Light and shadow system with dynamic lights for sneaking movement
  • Fully climbable and traversable height
  • Isometric view with four direction camera
  • AI with environmental tactics as well as last known position indicators
  • Turn based combat with timed resolution
  • Ailment based health system
  • Multi-species companions
  • Inventory items with a range of uses in and out of combat
  • Global clock with time of day lighting

With an initial emphasis on one aspect – castles, heists and infiltration, which more than justifies the new stealth system – A Fool’s Banquet is slated to release later this year but still hasn’t a specific release date or any details on the expansion’s length. The devs’ have kept their blog page updated with news on their upcoming game and on the new expansion pack.


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