Only on GOG sale is up, platform-exclusive games bundled and discounted

It seems the Autumn sales season of digital games has begun, with GOG kickstarting the whole business with its “Only on GoG” sale. If you haven’t guessed it from the name, there are heavily discounted bundles of games you can find only on GOG.

If you’re itching for Steam’s own Autumn sale, which starts tomorrow at 1:00 PM EST, you can scratch that a bit earlier with GOG’s own sale. It has bundles of GOG-exclusive games discounted for up to 80%, such as the D&D Classic Bundle, a curation of ten D&D cRPG classics for only $21.10 dollars,  the Warhammer Bundle at only $13.96 dollars and CD Projekt Red releases such as The Witcher: Wild Hunt (-50%; $22.49).

The sale doesn’t have any games on sale that don’t fit the “not on GOG” or “made by CDProjekt Red” criteria, but if you’ve been wanting to pick up some exclusive games or some older titles, such as Baldur’s Gate and IceWind Dale, this is the sale to do so. It’s particularly good for any cRPG fans that missed the classics the first time they came around or just want to play them again. With a bit less than 120h left, you can expect the sale to last until Sunday.


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