Endless Legend receives huge update, Steam Workshop and new hero included

Where I come from we have an expression that roughly translates to “If it’s free, I’ll even take a shot (medicinal) to the forehead” – our (funnier) equivalent of “If it’s free, it’s for me”. It’s even easier to accept free stuff when it comes from Amplitude Studios, the developers behind the Endless series – Endless Space, Endless Legend and Dungeon of the Endless -, who have once more brought free content in spades to their beautiful 4x strategy game, Endless Legend.

The update, which introduces Steam Workshop integration and the ability to re-skin 3D units, also brings content curated by the community via Amplitude’s GAMES2GETHER system, such as a new hero, new hero items, additional custom faction traits, a powerful ‘Guardian Killer’ unit (only available for Endless Legend Guardians owners) and, my personal favorite, a great number of AI improvements introducing the notion of ‘Faction Personality’.

I can’t say I’m surprised the community chose Valete, from the Sisters of Mercy, as the new playable hero.

Players can also acquire two bite-sized and bite-priced DLCs, the quest-oriented The Lost Tales, which offers insights into the game’s minor factions and their story; and Echoes of Auriga, which adds more than thirty minutes of music composed by FlybyNo and spread across seven tracks.

If you own Endless Legend, now might be a good time to re-visit it – against friends or AI – with mods already cropping up on the workshop. If you don’t, you should start considering the purchase of what is one of my favorite modern 4X’s, a fresh and beautiful take on the genre and certainly worthy of your attention during the upcoming Autumn sale (25th Nov. – 1st Dec.). You can check out the full notes on the patch here.


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