Little King’s Story, SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI VERSUS and Xanadu Next brought to PC by XSEED Games

Have you been feeling your Japanese game-buds uncared for in these past years? Fear not, XSEED is here! Notorious for bringing to western markets several Japanese games, among them the Ys series and The Last Story, the American publishing company is now working on porting three previously console-exclusive games to the bestest platform of them all, the PC.

The first game on their list is also the game featured in the image above: Little King’s Story. You control Corobo, a young boy-turned-king who must unite the surrounding kingdoms and guarantee the happiness of his people. I played the charming strategy game a decent while on the Wii, and now the Pikmin-alike game is coming in full HD glory to the PC, somewhere in the beginning of 2016.

The days of Vita monopoly over SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI VERSUS (the game really is all upper case, so I imagine you have to pronounce it shouting) are over! The Senran Kagura series is featured across games, manga and anime, though you might not have heard of it because it’s mostly famous in japan. In SHINOVI VERSUS, a story-based action/fighting game, you play as one of twenty shinobi girls who must duke it out in a Shinobi Battle Royale. There’s also a multiplayer component where you’re tasked with collecting panties that drop from the sky. Would I ever play it? Absolutely not! Is it still better that now I’ll have the option to refuse playing it? I guess! Here’s a gameplay video:

The last game of the list is Xanadu Next, a game that’s already been released for both the PC and the Nokia N-Gage. Made by Ys developers Nihon Falcom, Xanadu Next is an action-RPG inspired by the likes of Diablo. If you’re one of the very few people who didn’t have a Nokia N-Gage to play this puppy on, the updated, HD version of the game slated for release in Spring, 2016 is your best bet.


2 thoughts on “Little King’s Story, SENRAN KAGURA SHINOVI VERSUS and Xanadu Next brought to PC by XSEED Games

    1. We have an expression in my language, “Falem mal mas falem de mim.”, which translates roughly to “Any publicity is good publicity.”. Regardless of whether their points will be valid, they’ll put the game on the limelight for however long they discuss it.

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