Memoranda, where Haruki Murakami meets video games

There are few authors of recent times that have managed to enrapture me as much as Haruki Murakami has. The prolific Japanese writer has authored dozens of novels within multiple genres, but of my personal preference are his books of the magical realism sort. Self-proclaimed to be inspired by his works, Memoranda is a point & click adventure game about a girl who realizes she’s forgetting her name and must do something about it.

The game will be set in a town of European-like architecture and features a cast of varied characters that goes from war veterans to anthropomorphized ducks, which share one characteristic across their variety: they’re all losing something. The game’s motif clearly draws from Murakami’s work, where reality and fiction often confound themselves, and seems to be an interesting playground to mess around with in an adventure game.

Looking to gather the modest sum of CAD 18,000 and with a third of that already won, the Kickstarter campaign seems single-minded with its lack of stretch goals (aside from an iOS version at CAD 22,000) and bite-sized budget, explainable by the fact that a good chunk of the game already has been made by the first-time indie studio and that they’re now securing funds mostly for the audio, soundtrack and voice acting – evident by their claim that once funded the game will take another two or three months to release on Steam.


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