Sirs, You Are Being Hunted: multiplayer update to roguelike survival game

Have you ever felt the thrill of being hunted? No, probably not, because it’s not thrilling at all. Have you felt the thrill of emulating the feeling of being hunted? If you’ve played Sir, You Are Being Hunted, you have. In it, you play as a lady or sir being hunted by posh, British robots who dislike noise-making gentlemen, working toward an exit from the dangerous isles by means of stealth, deception and, if you think you’re up to the task of facing murderous robots with their cyber-hounds, brawn. Up to now, you had to do so alone, but now you can buddy up with other sirs and madams to brave this island – up to a point.

Multiplayer had been in the beta branch of the game for a few months now, and got its official release this weekend. It will feature the ambiguity of co-operating for survival with others and eventually competing with them because only one of you can leave the island. Here’s a gameplay trailer of it:

If you’re already acquainted with Sir, You Are Being Hunted and want to learn how to set up multiplayer, there’s a quick read at the devblog detailing how to. If not, you can now join the mayhem at its best, with the possibility of creating a travelling trombone-trio that must survive the robot-infested isles while playing their music to the local wildcyberlife.


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