Nuclear Throne gets an extensive update, to be released soon

Ready your crossbow hammer shovel laser rifle bazooka jackhammer flamethrower super flak gun hyper launcher guns, Nuclear Throne’s clearing out the last, final details as it nears its release date. Here’s the 93rd update, one of the bigger ones, with new art, balancing and voices towed behind the upcoming exit from early access. With the release you can expect your stats to not be erased every other week and a minor price drop.

If you’re like me and have bought into its early access, having accompanied it from the first update to its ninety-third and now the upcoming release is like watching that prodigal child grow from fitting the right geometric shapes at a younger age than usual to growing into one of my favorite roguelikes. Hm, that analogy’s a bit shit, right? Anyway: have you played Nuclear Throne yet? If not, you should.


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