The Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone trailer

Hearts of Stone. It’s a fairly cryptic title for an expansion, and now we have a shiny new trailer full of Witcher-y stuff to see before it comes out, on the 13th of October. Take a look at the trailer before I continue.

Ah, Geralt, you and your silly habit of getting locked in jail cells and “convening” with the less reputable sort of folk who think it’s alright to strut around with someone’s head on their belt. This is the 16th DLC to The Witcher 3 and the first one that’s a proper expansion.

The expansion seems to set the overall prevalence of human witcher v. monster conflict aside in favor of confrontation with his human? counterparts, particularly one Olgierd von Everec, whom Geralt must cut down to size – considering he’s the immortal fellow who re-attaches his head during the trailer, I imagine the task won’t be as crystal clear as just poking him with a sword. There also seems to be a heist section.

If there’s one thing these several years of acquaintance with Geralt have taught me is that, even if things are for the worse by the end of it, he will see things to their conclusion. The expansion is expected to last ten hours, something that contrasts with CDProjekt Red’s previous claims that both expansion packs together will last longer than The Witcher 2 – unless the Wine & Blood expansion is considerably longer – and will have you visiting the lands of No Man’s Land, all for the paltry/hefty sum of USD 9.99 (you can get both expansions for USD 20.00).


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