Is a train with no tracks still a train? A House of Many Doors triple-funded on KS

A House of Many Doors [Kickstarter Page] has just successfully concluded its campaign, garnering more than triple its asking price – do you know what that means? We’ll find out the answer to the century-old question “What sound do legged trains make?”[1]. It’s an exploration, narrative-driven game inspired by Failbetter’s own entries into the genre, Fallen London and Sunless Sea.

While the asking price may seem quite low – I wouldn’t pass on four thousand quid but it isn’t that much to develop an entire game – the reason is entirely valid: Failbetter studios themselves have pledged £12,000, which along with the developer’s personal funds and Kickstarted money more than doubles what he gathered.

Drawing from all the right places of inspiration, from Lovecraft and Italo Calvino to Sunless Sea and Planescape: Torment, A House of Many Doors has the healthy makings of a proper companion to Failbetter’s Sunless Sea, released more than half a year ago but still kicking it with regular updates (the last one was a month ago) and new stories to explore, along with planned DLCs. Now that the kickstarter’s over, all we do is wait and hope the developer didn’t underestimate the required funds, like many have done before.

1. I imagine it goes ‘tic-tic-tic’ like a giant centipede, or a spider with a thousand legs.


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