The tale behind Legacy of the Void (apparently StarCraft has a story)

StarCraft’s a series which is in that group of games that a good slice of their playerbase know nothing of their story, among several other Blizzard games, mindless shooters, competitive strategy games and multiplayer games in general. I’ve spent eighty nine hours in control of FluffyKitten02, fearless Crusader of Sanctuary, but do I know why he slaughters hordes of demons and beasts (gear hoarding aside)? I most certainly do not. Which is funny, because especially in Blizzard’s case a good deal of effort goes into the actual stories, with expensive cutscenes and trailers, books to buy and read about the world’s lore and multiple unique characters. They just released five minutes of StarCraft 2’s story from the Protoss’ perspective, in anticipation of their upcoming expansion, Legacy of the Void.

Watching this made me feel bad about being completely ignorant of the RTS’ story, not that I intend to mend that by playing the campaign or reading anything about it.


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