Play the pathfinder in Expand, minimalist maze game

From the menus to the gameplay and soundtrack, I quickly saw Expand was a unique game. Your objective is to guide a pink square through a shifting labyrinth, avoiding obstacles as you would in a slower Super Hexagon, accompanied by a soothing piano track, which accompanies the difficulty set by the maze and appropriately increases in tempo as you weave yourself through the level’s unobtrusive hazards.

Developer Chris Johnson said that he intended to create with the game “[…] a sensation of meditation and zen-puzzle solving.”. I don’t know whether there is an overarching story or metaphor guiding your pink square, but if there isn’t I won’t feel it amiss – the game feels complete in just allowing the player flow through its mercurial maze, and it is with describing your actions as flowing that I ascertain that the game does indeed have a soothing, zen-puzzle solving aspect to it: there are no horridly difficult moments or frustratingly fast-paced areas, something that would greatly work to the detriment of my calm experience.

Expand releases on Steam and itch on the 30th of September.


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