Spelunky and Aquaria dev Derek Yu creates his own Super Mario Level

It goes without saying that platformers are what they are today a good deal because of what Mario began doing decades ago and still does to the genre. The most recent release in the franchise is “Super Mario Maker”, a game where you can craft levels using the art and props of multiple generations of Mario games and play other people’s creations. Obviously, that means there are some pretty absurd levels out there – though a mechanism of requiring the creator of a level to beat it in order to upload it to other players keeps things at check.

Creator of Spelunky and co-creator of Aquaria Derek Yu is the latest of game designers and developers to create Mario Maker levels, with people like Castlevania designer Koji and game journalist and developer Tim Rogers having tried their hands at it as well. His level looks absolutely fiendish, but I wouldn’t expect anything but that from someone who says, I quote: “I think for this level the message that I want to convey is find peace through hell. That’s kind of my design philosophy in general.” – yeah, I fucking played Spelunky, I know that’s your design philosophy. In any case, check out his video creating the level and playing it:


6 thoughts on “Spelunky and Aquaria dev Derek Yu creates his own Super Mario Level

  1. I wonder what other professional developers are going to try creating their own levels? When I finally get a Wii-U, I’m definitely going to try this out. I know I’ve always liked games with level editors.


    1. I think a decent bunch will at least try their hand at it, with some of the bigger fans – like Tim Rogers – devoting more time to it. With a large enough user base this game could be excellent for platformer fans.


      1. I don’t have the game but I imagine there’s a popular rating system. I think the very hard levels and the ones that are well designed will get the spotlight, but it would be fun if curators could create level packs where they select a bunch of levels and you download them together.


    1. Yeah, Derek Yu definitely knows what he’s doing. Aquaria was a masterpiece and Spelunky managed to have interesting platforming that was randomly generated. I find that very impressive. I rank him alongside Jonathan Blow, Lucas Pope, Edmund McMillen, Cactusquid and Phil Fish (hate the guy, love his game) as my favorite indie video game designers.


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