Dungeon Souls giveaway wraps up, victors below

Sigmund knelt as an explosion caught him off guard and made him falter to the ground. He'd come a long way, first on a longship with his companions and now alone in the bowels of this endless hell. The massive creature's eyes glowed red for a brief moment, and Sigmund joined his brethren in Valhalla.

After running its two-day course, the Dungeon Souls giveaway is over. We have three winners…

The first key goes to AmpZaphrix.
The second one goes to Nagasucky.
And the third one to Andreas.

I hope you all enjoy your new game. The featured image above is of a run that I had with my brave barbarian, who went through thirty levels of the dungeon and killed enough monsters to populate a small town before expiring at the hands of the boss. Try beating that.
The winners were selected based on a random number generator, with those who had more points having more of the raffle tickets. You can check out a three-step image sequence below for each number generated and the corresponding winner.

Cheers and congratulations on winning!


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