Minimalist strategy game “Kingdom” coming to the PC

Former strategy flash game Kingdom is slated to come soon to PC, Mac, iOS and Android. Having met success with their pixel art game in the online Flash game scene, developers Noio and Licorice[1] decided to bring Kingdom to the iOS, and after being granted funding by the Nordic Gaming Program in the amount of 200,000 Danish kroner (roughly USD 30k), transferred development to Unity as a means to bring it to multiple platforms, including the PC, Mac, iOS and Android.

In it, you play as a randomly generated monarch – a king or queen of varying ethnicity – who has to manage the strip of 2D pixel-land that is his kingdom. Your monarch is responsible for recruiting people into your kingdom, and has a surprisingly simple set of tools to do so: he can stride on his horse to left and right, and throw coins at things. Throw it at people and you might have yourself builders, guards and hunters, use it on structures to upgrade your palisades into stone walls, and so on. It’s up to you to decide whether you build a sprawling, decentralized kingdom or a compact one, focusing on one region with heavy fortifications and developed structures.

And pray you recruited enough archers and not too many builders...
And pray you recruited enough archers…

You’re fortifying for a reason, of course, and it’s not ambitious humans that your ruler has to fear. There are many goblins and trolls who’d rather not have a self-declared King and his kingdom tarnishing their land, and as the days go by and your kingdom grows and its people rejoice and its land becomes covered in sprawling buildings, so do these goblins and trolls and evil creatures of yonder come with increased malicious intent. Wise Rulers know their kingdom will fall, Brave Rulers do not despair – how long will you protect your people from the evils of this world?

Check the trailer below, or better yet, play its Flash version.

1. To be clear, Noio developed the Flash game and Licorice approached him with the idea of porting it to iOS.


3 thoughts on “Minimalist strategy game “Kingdom” coming to the PC

    1. The sky and water are exceptionally good. The style reminded me of a more colorful Sword & Sworcery. I’m the first one to criticise poor pixel graphics, specially because they’re all the rave nowadays and everyone uses them, but when they’re done well I really think things look good, specially in motion.

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