Welcome to Karnaca, setting for Dishonored 2

With the E3 trailers and footage of Bethesda-published games now surfacing on YouTube comes a brand new one, featuring Arkane Studios’ Dishonored 2. The first game was one I much enjoyed not only because of its fast-paced stealth mechanics, as opposed to the step-by-step stealth I’d grown up used to from Thief and Deus Ex, but because of the attention to detail given to designing its world. Dunwall drew heavily from Victorian-era London, spicing it with their own steampunk elements and oppressive regime, and these themes were present in the people, the architecture, the furniture and the story and attire seen throughout the game. Dishonored 2 welcomes you to its sunny beaches and warmer climate with the series’ second city, Karnaca.

The jewel of the south, the Empire’s most austral city, where bloodflies – creatures that nest within the body of the deceased and will lend a new characteristic to murdering people, much similar to the first game’s rat swarms depending on how brutal you played out Corvo – take the place of rodents and lush trees that of Dunwall’s fog, Karnaca has had its design inspired by Europe’s southern front, drawing its geography and architecture from what Greece, Italy and Spain looked like in the 1850’s.

Featuring pistol-squad executions in the middle of the street and graffiti clamoring “Death to the Duke!”, if there’s one thing I’m willing to bet there’s going to be in the second game it’s the repetition of the political turmoil theme we played through in Dunwall. Watch Arkane’s Co-Creative Director Harvey Smith talk, even if somewhat superficially, about the game’s design, inspiration and architecture in the trailer above.


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