Learn to survive in Boston’s nuclear wasteland!

Fallout 4 continues its series of educational videos (the first one was concerning Strength), this time with the second letter of S.P.E.C.I.A.L.: Perception. Among other things the video reminds us that yes, you can reverse-pickpocket explosives into your enemies’ pockets, and yes, you can steal ammunition prior to a fight, and gives us several tips that are useful in our mundane lives: when you’re still an inexperienced pilferer, give preference to stealing from the young, elderly and disabled. As expected it’ll also be correlated to your accuracy and chance to hit specific body parts of an enemy when using V.A.T.S. (Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System).

I personally advocate the most thorough engagement and involvement when playing games, so be sure to watch this video in 240p quality¹ and with a bar of enriched Uranium in your pocket.

¹I mean it, watch it in 240p!


4 thoughts on “Learn to survive in Boston’s nuclear wasteland!

    1. For the sake of immersion! Can’t wait either, though living where I live the game’s publishers were very unmindful when instead of following Steam’s regional pricing policy they just converted it from USD to the local currency… which means the game costs 1/3rd of the minimum wage here. Definitely not something I’ll buy at launch.

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      1. I hate when companies do that. In the UK we sometimes see $50 games being sold for £50, which is considerably more expensive. Perhaps you can do like that crazy chap who offered to buy the game in bottle caps?


      2. I can understand your frustration. We’re actually usually on the other side, as a USD 60 game like Witcher 3 might go for R$120, which nowadays is somewhere around USD 32, so when a game like Fallout comes and pretty much flips the region off by doing a standard conversion and saying they’re game is worth a third of the federal minimum wage, we get a bit surprised. Most people I know from here are going to skip it until the price is better. I definitely wish I had had that idea before the crazy guy, though.

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