Dropsy the Clown drops in with a sing-a-long trailer

Wait, you didn’t sing it? Press the replay button now and sing.
Finished? Good. Dropsy the Clown is an adventure game about clowns, mental issues and hugging. There’s no text, I presume because Dropsy probably can’t read, and it is open-world, shunning the linearity most adventure games hold on to as if their lives depended on it for a game where you choose what to do.

If you ever felt that being able to play the sword-wielding hero of time, or the clever scientist who has to save the world from aliens, or maybe the space-ship commander who has to prevent the extinction of sentient life as we know it just didn’t contemplate your desire to play a retarded clown, Dropsy is here to quench your needs and sate your hunger. It’s out on Steam, GOG and the Humble Store with a discount of 10%, down to $8.99 from $9.99.

P.S.: Fun fact! Dropsy was originally a forum game on SomethingAwful, where players decided what Dropsy would do.


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