Dark Souls’ bosses Ornstein & Smough collectively defeated by thousands of Twitch viewers

Twitch plays Dark Souls have done it: one of the hardest bosses in the game defeated by open voting. We can now say that Greece’s greatest contribution to mankind is having killed the most annoying shittards in videogame boss history gotten through the thickest parts of Dark Souls – I expect the game to be completed in a few day’s time, now that that’s over.

If you aren’t acquainted with Twitch Plays, it’s essentially a segment where a game is chosen and is played with the input from several different people viewing the stream on Twitch. To get past the first part of Dark Souls they had to create a specific input system where the game pauses while the votes are tallied and then the character executed the most voted movement. It took them twenty eight days, but if they climbed Anor Londo and dealt death to the toughest duo in the game, the biggest hurdles are already over.

If you’ve ever doubted that democracy works, here lies undeniable proof that it does, and Americans everywhere will now be able to breathe relieved knowing this to be true regardless of who wins their presidential elections.


2 thoughts on “Dark Souls’ bosses Ornstein & Smough collectively defeated by thousands of Twitch viewers

  1. Wait, hold on, is it the same thing where the community had huge problems with finishing the tutorial or am I messing things up? I’ve heard that there are playing DkS on Twitch with voting on your actions and such but I didn’t think they would make it that far. It is quite an impressive feat indeed, although I do not understand how can you enjoy such thing. I think I prefer the “good old-fasioned playing alone with no one to distract me” way.

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    1. Yes, it’s the same Twitch Play but they modified how input is received: now, the game pauses and tallies the votes for a given action (tumble, go in a direction, attack, use spell, etc.), unpauses and executes the action – rinse and repeat. They were using another method before, where the game didn’t pause and were finding it impossible to get past the Undead Asylum, the first area.

      I guess the entertainment is similar to the one people have from watching let’s plays or streamers – something I’m not fond of but understand (same thing as watching a sport, I guess) – with the added benefit that you contribute to the game’s progress by casting your vote on a certain action. I’m impressed they’re nearing the game’s end, though: the O&S bossfight was difficult to me and I played the easy way. It took them twenty-eight days to get that far, though.


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