By the pricking of my thumbs, something Witcher this way comes

Ah, the Witcher. I enjoyed the first game and came to love the series with the second, but a lack of time and proper hardware have kept me from what is likely its most praised iteration. The third game seems to be its meatiest, longest and best entry into the series so far, with an open-world, horse-riding and so many of the progression elements gamers have come to love. I’ll antagonize a few by saying that I’m in doubt about whether I’ll enjoy the openness of its new version – I loved the second Witcher game because it was unique, its choices had meaning and it didn’t try to give you a faux open world just because people love The Elder Scrolls. Knowing CDProjektRed, however, I know this is just me being a grumpy nitpicker and that I’ll thoroughly enjoy riding through its plains and mountains on Geralt’s trusty Roach.

I’ll be having a bitter laugh at the exquisite difficulty of proper horse AI while I can’t play the game, though.

Anyway. For the first time since its release, The Witcher: Wild Hunt is discounted! It’s a meager -30%, which still brings it down to $41.99, but where the real deal is at is that you can get the entire trilogy for just a couple more bucks, at $43.99 – on Steam, anyway. GOG has the base price tagged at $44.99, which isn’t a whole lot more than its discounted version on Steam, but CDProjekt Red’s storefront lacks the convenient regional pricing Steam offers to the less fortunate members of eastern Europe and the third world. The discount is likely courtesy of the announcement of the release date for the first paid-for DLC, Hearts of Stone, a sales hallmark that’s more traditional than thanksgiving and gold ole’ baby hurling for luck. You can buy just the first expansion or both it and the future Blood and Wine DLC, which CDProjektRed have claimed to be, together, longer than the distance of a furlong (the distance cattle can plough without resting, which to me sounds like the most reasonable, reliable and steady measurement ever made), or, for those who have left the middle ages and use metrics, than the second Witcher game.

When is mocking the way the British measure things irrelevant? Never.

If you haven’t played the third Witcher and plan on getting it earlier than the end of the year, when it’ll likely see better discounts during the Winter/Summer sale, now is as good a time as any to sharpen your silver monster-hunting blades and brave the open world of the Witcher, and with the new DLC requiring you to be level 30 to play it, be wise and turn Geralt into the beast-slaying machine he should be before it comes out. You’ll get to talk to giant toads, I presume.

“Easy there, boy. My horse got stuck behind a fence and I need a new mount.”

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