Bring out your wallets, it’s the Humble Store End of Summer Sale Encore!

And that means it’s time to buy another dozen games which you won’t have touched the half of before you buy more games at the next sale! You can check it out at their page, and I’ll recommend you some of the games I think hit that sweet spot between discount and content.

First up…

Risk of Rain! For a meager 2.49 USD it’s hard not to recommend this gem of a roguelike game – it was worth it at full price, and when it costs less than half the price of a coffee at Starbucks, there’s really just no reason not to get it. Several characters to unlock, local and online multiplayer and multiple enemies, items, bosses and randomly generated levels to explore means you’ll get more bang for less buck in this Hopoo Fish production.

followed by…

Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons! This one sits at a price tag just shy of three bucks, and is another game I could just as easily recommend at full price. It’s an innovative, narrative-driven game where the way you control it is exclusive and entirely relevant to the game’s motif. Short, sweet and easy.

and there’s also…

TowerFall: Ascension! Which is at the slightly higher price tag of 4.49 USD. Should that be a detriment to your purchase? NO! Easily one of the best couch/party games I’ve played, there’s plenty of replay value in this deceivingly simple arena brawler/archery game.

never forgetting…

FTL! I’m actually surprised you don’t have this yet, but if it’s the case you can easily amend that horrible shame by sending 2.49 shekels to the humble store. A strategy space-exploring adventure game where you need to manage your crew, spaceship and resources as you set out to deliver crucial intelligence to the Federation, all the while chased by evil rebels.

and last, but certainly not least…

Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director’s Cut! You’re probably annoyed by the exclamation marks and fast-paced wording I’m using here, but chin up – this is the last one! At 4.49 USD Nuyen, Shadowrun: Dragonfall Director’s Cut goes from being one of the best cRPGs I’ve played in recent years to one of the cheapest as well! Cyberpunk? Check! Shitloads of text? Check! Multiple quests and solutions? Check! Dragons? Fuck yes check! Get it now while you wait for Shadowrun: Hong Kong to cost less than a sandwich!

And really, there are dozens more to praise at the price of pennies – Rogue Legacy, The Last Federation, Terraria, The Swapper, Legend of Grimrock, Mark of the Ninja, FEZ, nidhogg, Chivalry and a ton more I won’t write about because there’s really A TON (metric).


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